Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Things Friday

1.  Just signed up for my second 1/2 (YES before I have run the first..isnt that how obsessive people roll).....Denver Rock 'N' Roll here I come!!!

2.  According to this very scientific study Im either royally screwed should the Zombie's comes or Im totally safe because there isnt anything here to take except cows and sand.  But just in case, these are the rules we are living by.....should the zombie come.  Not that they will...but if they do...just sayin'

Im hoping they wait till after RnR Denver.  I would be very upset if Zombies messed up my race.

3. Last weekend Shawn told me to get a TV for our bedroom. I told him I would rather have a laser for my gun. Today, I renewed his membership to Sportsmens Guide without him telling me I needed to because I could get ammo cheaper. Wifey of the Year right here...thankyouverymuch. doesnt take much to make him happy.

It comes in green for the case you were wondering.

4.  Apparently, I embarrass my 9 year old daughter.  Tragic, isnt it.  She hasnt seen anything yet.

5.  Potty training isnt going terribly well, but it isnt going terribly yet either.  So far he has peed on (as in ON the SIDE) of the potty twice (missing the toilet bowl itself completely), and on the floor next to the potty (after sitting on it for 10 minutes reading his book) and on the floor countless time.  But he is telling me each time he has to go and when he pees on the floor I know because he goes and finds a towel, shakes his head and say "I pee".  Its a step in the right direction, right...I mean...a boy, WILLINGLY cleaning up after himself.  I must be doing something right.
So tired after cleaning up all his pee on the floor.


  1. Love that you signed up for Denver! We can meet up!

    Zombies suck and I just want a gun.

    Sounds like your son is doing great with his potty training. My 20 year old son and my hubby still can't hit the toilet! Just saying!

  2. Awesome! I want to learn to shoot a gun! We are potty training my son too! It is definitely more to worry about than training a girl. At least your boy is cleaning up his messes!

  3. Nice! Denver RnR is my first ever full, so maybe I'll see you there :)