Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs

Piper has been freaking out asking for the last few weeks WHEN are we going to color Easter Eggs?  She didnt have school yesterday so that was my plan....go to town, get the eggs, dye away the afternoon and voila....happy 9 year old girl.

To bad for me and my plans the store didnt have any eggs when I went in.  Drats. 

Sooooo, I revamped the plan for Saturday which I was informed by the 9 year old female that was cutting it a bit close for the Easter Bunny, which is when we went into this 7 minute schpeel about how the Easter Bunny NEED people to dye their eggs a couple days in advance because then he know how many he has to hop around and pick up.  I think thats the jist of what she was saying...honestly, I tuned out 28 seconds in.

Today was the day!!!  Got the eggs, boiled them...rounded up little cups for the dye and she went to town.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 did not get to dye eggs because well, they cannot be trusted to not dye themselves each other period.

So they got markers and went to town.

Piper did great.....of course.  Her OCD kicked in and they all had to be perfectly shaded and glitter-ified but ya know, she is 9...she can handle it herself.

Sage loved "dawn picture!!" and each one was DINO DAN. 

Bran did as anticipated and seemed to miss the egg each time he went to color it......getting the table and his face. 

Oh well....happy kids = happy mom. 


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