Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 Things Thursday

3 random things about me.....I can handle that:

1.  I just signed up for (Just) Trying is the Little Girls 2012 Holiday Card Exchange.  Last year, I was paired with 5 awesome bloggers, who I have enjoyed following and getting to know this past year, so I knew right away I was going to do it again this year.  If your interested in signing up also, go here.  And if you are not a follower of her adventures running all over the country (seriously, JEALOUS of her running and traveling, she rocks!) then you need to be!

2.  The Runners World Holiday Running Steak is starting next week....Thanksgiving Day to New Years to be exact.  Last year I read about several over-achievers people who were doing this, and thought they needed to sit back and enjoy the excuse to do nothing it seemed like an ok idea.  This year, I KNOW I need to give it a go to keep myself active until my training plan starts in January or else Im gonna suffer and hurt worse then I usually do when I fall off the running wagon start a training plan.  This is perfect! 

3.  Swag.  Apparently, this word bothers my weirdo dear husband for some reason, which I didnt know till I was reading a  blog about swag and bling....and  He doest get why its call swag, why not just cool free shit...which I dont know the if there even is answer to that but apparently SWAG bothers him.  I may or may not have accidentally said that word about a million times between last night at 730pm and today.  He thinks Im trying to make him crazy, Im going for desensitization to the word so I dont get "the look" everytime I go to a race and collect "the swag" thats given to me in a "swag bag" because the best part half of a race is about the "swag" in your
free "swag bag".


  1. Ooops Was #3 my fault? LMAO!!!

  2. lol...yep, it sure was, hahaha!! Its ok...its given me miles of ammo for conversations while dring 1154 miles one way to Michigan :)