Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Our trip to Michigan is winding down, and Im happy to report that everyone is still alive and speaking to each other (Ill let you know how that turns out after the second 1,145 mile 17 hour car trip turns out....WITH the 10 year old female in the mix...that could all change.)

Thanksgiving was great, starting with a 3 mile run around the park in town, an extremely frustrating Lions game (dont get me started on that ruling......), great food, a wrestling match with my husband and a coconut cream pie (my mad ninja skills failed me and I lost). 

Isn't she pretty??
Black Friday shopping on Friday morning at the hunting store when Shawn got me (sorta) my Christmas present.  My NEW bow has been ordered and will be delivered to the house in a month or so....YIPPEE!!  The Huskers won (seriously...WHY do that have such an issue playing a full 4 quarters of football.....WHY....), the boys FINALLY slept all night in their bed and not half in it, on the floor, and with us......gonna take me 3 months to get them back into their sleeping routine).

The fact that my parents are moving next week finally registered during my run this morning (yes, I got 3 in this morning.....29 degrees, light snow fall, and a mile or of it was down a quiet, tree lined road...peaceful.)

It strange to say "good-bye" to the house you grew up in.  I dont miss living here....I didnt cry when we left in 2009 to move to Nebraska and I dont think Ill cry today, but it is still strange to know that I will never come back to visit this house again.  I wasnt a runner when I lived here, so I cant say Ill miss my old running routes, but I am a runner now, and have a long list of places I would love to get a training run in sometime.  But those times are gone.  I cant blame my parents....both Little Brother and I are out west, so that is where they are headed.  And Im happy for them, but a little sad at the same time.  When we moved to Nebraska, we always knew we could come back and visit whenever we wanted, but now, there isnt anything (family) to come back and visit, so it wont be happening.  And if we do come back and visit (friends!!) then we wont be coming back to THIS house. 

Its really nothing new for me, but its a final goodbye.  This time, its not see you later...its goodbye. 

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  1. Yay for a fancy new bow. I haven't got mine out in years, but now my son is showing interest, I think we will have a great bonding time bow hunting someday.