Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time Travel

or maybe thats travel time.  Yep, I think that is more like it but since I seem to be spending more time in a car these days then outside of it.....I dont think you can blame me to much. 

Friday, I took PK to the airport so she could fly out Saturday morning and spend Turkey Week with her dad, stepmom and family in Michigan.  Drove home Saturday....about 3.5 hours each way.  No biggie, except for when I got home on Saturday I really wanted to go hunting had to clean the house, pack and get ready for the rest of us to leave Sunday morning to drive to Michigan and spend Turkey Week with my parents. 

See, my parents are moving on December 1 and this is the last holiday I would get to spend in Michigan.  I never really said "good-bye" to most of my friends when we moved because I always knew we would have an excuse (grandma/grandpa) to come back and visit.  Now that they are moving to be closer to us.....that excuse is relocating gone.

It was a long first day of driving and frankly, people in Iowa drive like shit.  Not necessarily Iowians, but just people in Iowa regardless of permanent residency, drive like shit.  Maybe something in the air...who knows, but till...they drive like crap and thats to that, we can now add "road rage" to the category of bad words....barn/cattle/pasture/driving words.  Mostly 4 letter and bad. 

Being in Michigan is nice, relaxing with my parents and hanging out with friends we havent seen in years.  Shawn and I ran yesterday morning at the park in the town where I grew up and this morning, I got 5 in running out around my parents house.  We are also getting alot of shooting time in with our bows since I we set a goal of shooting 60 arrows a day, rain or shine.  Feels good....even after Shawn increased the draw weight on my bow.  Goal is to get to 60lbs....Im hanging out at 50lbs right now and getting that ache in my arm that I love!

Eating good food today, possibly some early shopping.....really just relaxing.  Enjoying the last few days in Michigan....because Im not sure when I will get back here again. 

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