Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My hair didnt look nearly that good.
Thats how my day went yesterday....those 3 little words sum it all that order.

I'm desperately trying to NOT get sick.  So far Ive got the wicked headache (which could be partly my childrens fault) and body aches (which could be pushing myself really hard when I was running the other day and then lifting way to much weight because I didn't know how to take weight off the thingy) but either way, I kinda feel like poo.

Got my 4 miles in...but it was one of those gonna go for 2, but I feel ok, Ill shoot for 3, but then I felt guilty not hitting my plan so I made it 4.  I did considering laying down in the road but figured I would get run over. 

When I feel like poo, I eat like shit.  I crave EVERYTHING and I have NOTHING so then I crave EVERYTHING and MORE!  I'm still on the Runners World Holiday streak.....I just think I'm going to modify my plan a bit and back off the running.....I had 5 miles planned today but I think I'm going to keep it simple and go for 2.

On a positive.....I WAS accepted into the Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassadors Group yesterday!!!  That definitely made me feel better!  I love the idea of being part of a group to help others get fit and healthy and get some run love.  Plus, much like Team Tough Chik, these ladies are all as obsessed dedicated as I am, if not more so, so I'm not the crazy one...I'm just ONE of the crazy ones :)

They have a forum, where you can go and get to know other SPA, but my favorite part is that people come up with different weekly/monthly challenges.  I'm all about the challenge, so I cannot wait to get started on the weekly challenge next Monday.  A few weeks ago it was to so a circuit 5/7 days that week, then 1000 push ups IN a week (push ups always find a way into the mix...grrrr) so I cant wait to see what next week bring. 

Just as my high from being accepted into the group was calming down I heard the tell-tale barking of some poor critter being corned by my husbands crazy dog puppy by the barn.  I put them on the porch, and heard the other tell-tale signs of hoofs pounding away as my no good rotten pain in the ass horses busted out of the 40 acres pasture they were in and took off across the yard and down the road. not cooperative but we got them back....took a pick up truck and some very bad words and they didn't go where we wanted them to but anywhere other then the road was fine.  Ill help husband fix some fence this morning I guess....that counts for some physical fitness, right??

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