Thursday, November 8, 2012

Im a Tough Chik, nice to meet you :)

Really, I'm a loser.  I am a blogging loser. 

I have no excuse except I just...wait, I have no excuse.

BUT I'M BACK NOW!!!  And why....Ill tell you (cause I'm sure your dying to know) but I am now a member of the 2013 TOUGH CHIK TEAM.

Wanna know Team Tough Chik is all can find it all here....and shop the very cool, designed for women athletes by women athletes clothing here.

How did I end up on the team....I applied.  No, my running has not gotten that fantastic since I last blogged that I am not in demand on peoples (although, it has gotten better, thanks to the Mezamashii Run Project...LOVIN' BE!)

Every year Tough Chik opens up their team registration for members...I'm not sure exactly how long its open...a month or so I think, and you simply fill out the form and thereyougo.....TOUGH CHIK.

Why?  Why would I join this team....well, why not?  Why not join in with a group of people (women) who love to do what I love?  Why not have a place where I can go and vent to people (women) who get where I'm coming from and where IMO trying to go?  Lets face it.....unless your a serious runner, you could care less about piriformis issues, PR's, GU, Garmin's, compression, how a tenth of a second can rule your life for months, elevation charts or anything else that runners find to obsess worry about. 

Not a runner...don't care about running problems. 

Here, I can brag celebrate my success without angering or annoying someone else because that whole group is working towards their own personal goals.  I can mourn my disastrous races and runs because again, the whole group knows what its like. 

In short, I can stop bothering all the people in my life who don't give a rats behind about my running.

Not that everyone in my life is like that....I do have great amazing friends and family who care, who ask and are the most supportive people in the crazy train that is my life.  Some of them have even jumped on the train and are running with!! 

Tough Chik is about supporting women athletes and helping accomplish their goals.....I'm so excited to be a part of this team!!!

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