Friday, January 21, 2011

Treadmill and Me vs. Mother Nature

"I have been driven inside for the past 4 days and its starting to drive me slightly bonkers."

This is the statement I made to my dear husband to which he replied....

"Starting and slightly......."


So I sucked it up BIG TIME, looked at my arch nemesis and choose to tackle our issues. Otherwise I wouldnt get to run and that really wasnt an option.

OK, so I have an elliptical and really, that was my first option, however Stinkerbell needed the batteries for it to practice her piano (electronic keyboard) so the elliptical was out of commission.

Of course, I was even more motivated by the fact that dear hubby has FINALLY stopped talking about starting the program and actually has done it. No way am I going to let him do better on the dreadmill then me.

I went back to W1, 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. I made sure to push myself during the 60 seconds, so I set a brisk pace of 6.0mph. Pretty good since usually I am between 5.3 and 5.6. I got 3 runs in, 2 miles each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I hoping to get 3.1 in tomorrow. I cant "plan" because my "plans" never seem to work out, so instead I just HOPE I can get one in.

Even on the dreadmill it felt great to run. I didnt have time to get bored, which is a big problem, if not the main and only problem, I have with treadmill running. I get bored and distracted and careless. Im going to end up on the Today Show talking to Matt and Meredith about the dangers of distracted dreadmill running, in a full body cast, if Im not careful.

Im very happy to report that my treadmill and I have conquered our differences and have united again Mother Natures bad attitude so that I can still get my runs in on days when its really nasty outside. Might not be the long distances and Im not sure if that will ever happen, but at least its something.

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