Monday, January 10, 2011

Treadmill Trauma

BLAH, I hate the treadmill!! I shouldnt hate it because its there for days like today, when single digits temps and wind make running outside completely unappealing. So I grabbed my new shoes (LOVE THEM!!) and jumped on the treadmill for a 25 minute run.
I thought I was going to die. I came close.
I have been doing 25 minute runs for a week now, so my issues had nothing to do with making it through the run. I can do because I have done it. My problem was I get so damn distracted and bored that I keep watching the clock and my pace which inevitably results in a misstep and that typically results in a near death experience. 19m24s in, I had to stop. I really think my life depended on it.
Im just going to have to keep it going outside, even on the coldest days. If its too cold, then I have an eliptical downstairs or I can always go back and do some early interval running for more speed and distance. Either way, long, continuous running on the treadmill, for me, is bad news bears.


  1. I HAVE to do intervals on it or I get tres bored. You don't have a TV in front of you or anything?

  2. No, no TV or anything. To make it worse, I have the fireplace right next to me, literally, 2 feet from me, blowing hot air onto the whole time I run. No good.