Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is why I dont make "plans".

In my post yesterday I wrote about hoping to get a run in today and not planning on it. Well, this is exactly why I dont make plans.

I hemmed and hawed about getting a run in today because of the wind. The Weather Station, not the Weather Channel on TV but the Weather Station....the crazy expensive thingy my husband had to have to measure rain, wind gusts, temps indoor and out, sunrise and set, the state of the moon and probably when the grass will turn green and the flowers will sprout. Well according to our ridiculously expensive thingy, the wind was only blowing at 4mph.

Yeah....the trees in the front yard were bent over enough to tell me that wasnt accurate.

How accurate can this thingy be when the sensor has to be within 50feet of the station?? The sensor is on the pole in front of our garage, next to the house and by some trees....aka WIND BREAKS!!! What I needed to know is how hard the wind was blowing down the road, where there are not any trees or wind breaks. Just wide, open spaces for gusting winds and me as their target.

I didnt get my answer but the station did tell me, with accuracy, that it was 50F outside and that was something I couldnt pass up. So I layered up, then I took a layer off, and headed out the door.

Weather Station was off about 26mph in its wind speed. Thankfully, tail winds which was nice. I got going, into a great pace, making sure to push myself a little more and keep my pace above 5.4 and shoot for 5.6. Everything was going great...until I got to the halfway point and the idea of turning around was simply out. I had to keep going. My in-laws live 2.5 miles from our house so I figured it was easier to just keep going to their house, have them take mercy on me and drive me home (or call my hubby and listen to him laugh at me for being a big dork) then to face the 30 mph winds.

And thats exactly what I did. I made it to their drive at 2.2 miles of running (I dont count the walking I do to warm up in my total runs...just the running) and I kept going to the corner to try and get my 3.1 in.

This was a great idea until I realized it kinda defeated the purpose because I would still have to turn around and head back to their driveway. Hmmmm...again....planning....not my strong point.

Oh well, by the time that little thought kicked into my brain it was to late so all I could do was turn around and fight like heck against the wind.

All in all I made it 2.75miles in 29m41s for a pace of 11m9s!! I would have loved to get 3.1miles in but I really did run out of space. Ironic, since we live on a very long, quiet road but with the wind and turning around....I got my 2.75 in at their front porch.

The moral of the story is the best laid plans, for me, never pan out. If I had planned to get 3.1 in today then I would probably be discouraged that I didnt make my goal. Instead, I am super pumped that I ran all the way down to my in-laws house, that my husband thinks I am crazy (cause he told me so) and I accomplished something I had always thought about doing but never had the guts to try. And I had a great time in the process.

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  1. Congratulations on doing something new! That is awesome! I hate wind so I commend you for getting out there!