Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

A few of the other blogs I follow post a "Three Thing Thursday" blog on, well, Thursdays. Three interesting little facts about them, their lives and their adventures. Since they are always interesting reads, I thought I would give it a go also. Enjoy MY "Three Things".

1. I am the mother of Irish Twins. My boys are 10.5 months apart. Thank you for your sympathy and No, not on purpose.

2. I used to be a ski instructor in Michigan. I taught little kids, school groups and when I had to, adults. I love to ski, its a passion that I am sorry was out of my life for far to many years. Im very lucky that hubby is an athlete and up for just about anything active, and he loves to ski as well. So why are we going snowmobiling next weekend???

3. I went to Ireland on a Haunted Horseback riding trip, SOLO! October 2006, so amazing and empowering to travel that far alone. I did meet up with a group of people, none that I knew prior, but the flying and bus trips and adventures in Tullamore were all alone. So glad I did it. Never do it again.

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