Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Im grounded.  Again.  I somehow managed to get a nice, deep cut on the heel of my left foot, so my plans to run today were sidelined.  At least mother-nature backed me up this time around and while it was beautiful and sunny she also sent some crazy Sandhill 20-30mph winds.  I didnt feel so bad about being grounded after that. 

Yet just because I didnt get out and run doesnt mean I didnt think about running.  I decided that I am going to invest in some good running shoes this weekend!  Im very excited and have no idea what I am looking for but I do know there is a sporting good store in town and I will be paying them a visit on Saturday.

I also found a website (and facebook page) for a local running club.  Also very exciting because there are several races and they are only about 90 miles away, which is great!!!  I was all prepared to have to drive to South Dakota, Colorado and Eastern Nebraska for all my races so North Platte is a definately bonus.

No worries, Im still planning on Deadwood , SD in June  I am just hoping I can find something closer earlier then that.  Mostly because I just dont want to wait 6 months to run my first race!!!!

I will admit, its nice to have a reason to go to Deadwood besides just to go to Deadwood, lol!! 

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