Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dreadmill strikes again

I tried today. I really did. I finally listened to myself and all my advice about "pushing past the pain" and "you can do it! Its all in your head" and face my dreaded treadmill for the 3 mile run I didnt get in today.

I had the brilliant idea to get Stinkerbell's portable DVD player, plug in a movie I have wanted to watch for months (Robin Hood) and start treadin'.

Yeah...that worked well for about 3 minutes. Is here where I should mention the 1:30 of walking warm up I did...

Distracted doesnt begin to cover it......I kept feeling like I was moving to the edge of the mat, which I wasnt but I felt like I was so I kept looking down to check, then I would wonder how long I had gone and have to shift the DVD player to the side. It was shaking on the display enough that it kept adjusting my pace so that messed me up. All in all, I got in 1 mile in 10:40 and I quit. I did, I gave in and let my head win the mental battle for today.

I realize now that it takes many different forms of mental strength to tackle running. Some people are great runners period. Inside or outside, doesnt matter. They just put one foot in front of the other and git er done. Some people are great inside and fall apart outside. The elments get to them, the concern about traffic, distance, self-confidence of people watching them. It all plays into their success being inside as opposed to outside. Others are awesome outside and cant handle inside (thats were I fall, minus the awesomness part). This group of people tend to liken a treadmill run to feeling like hamsters on a wheel just running and running and going NOWHERE.

Give me snow, rain, wind, sun, heat, cars, trucks, semi's and critters but please, PLEASE...dont make me run on the dreadmill!!!!!


  1. I am an awesome, realtively speaking, indoor runner but horrible outside more so in the winter. The cold weather jacks with my asthma!

  2. When is your next run? I'm gonna help you kick that dreadmills... =)