Tuesday, January 11, 2011

" were right."

Painful words for any wife to utter.

Disasterous run Day 2. Im not sure what is worse..struggling through 20 minutes when I have been doing 25 or coming home to admit to my husband that he was right and I should have stayed inside. Oh well....I got some interval running done. 26 minutes, 2 miles (more walking then running).....20F w/30mph winds = Subzero temps.

I was bundled up. I mean, seriously....I had my "mad bomber" rabbit fur hat on, my fleece neck thingy, my Under Armour long sleever hoodie and pants, North Face fleece zippy, wind breaker and gloves. I wasnt cold. Well, a little chilly but not cold by any means. Its the 30mph headwind was a battle I wasnt going to win. I fought, I really did but this time, Mother Nature won.

If Im going to run, which I am, in the Sandhills, which is where I live so I have to, I need to learn how to run with the wind. I know this. Today is just not that day.

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  1. You are tougher than me woman, no way would I even consider running in this. Love your dedication mamma hanna! I don't know how you do it all!