Monday, March 28, 2011

Officially a Runner

I have considered myself a runner since I started to love running. But after the last week, and pushing myself harder then before...its official.

I guess this is a nice way of saying that I might be slightly addicted. Dedicated sounds much nicer, but addicted is the correct term. When taken into consideration my less then spectactular attitude when not able to run, it qualifies as an addiction.

Last week I ran more miles in one week then ever before....and nothing less then 3 miles.
Sunday - 3.07
Monday - Off day
Tuesday - 3.5
Wednesday - 3.5
Thursday - 3.1
Friday - Off
Satuday - Off
Sunday - 4.02 (those .02 the every end of my first 4 miles, those darn things COUNT!)
Monday - 3.04

Thats a total of 21.04 miles in 9 days. WOWZA....thats alot for a rookie runner. And my legs are aching right now...worse then ever before but I think it has alot to do with the lack of water I drank today. Yet with the aching legs, I still cannot wait to get back out and run again. It makes my day better, it makes me a nice person. I just feel so good afterwards. Thats that part that makes me feel much better about calling myself a runner.

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