Monday, February 28, 2011

2 days, 4 miles, 1 skunk

I didnt blog about my run yesterday because I blogged yesterday morning about the day before. Besides, a 2 mile run isnt earth shattering news for me anymore (and that alone is earth shattering!!!).

I did run down to my in-laws house for supper last night...and I made it 2.04 of the 2.36 miles when I noticed a black, furry critter chilling in the middle of the road right at the end of their driveway. I just stopped because it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know what he was OR that getting to close (or close at all) was a bad idea.

I could probably mention here that this little critter has been terrorizing my inlaws home for a few weeks I wasnt terribly suprised to see him there. I was really happy to see him BEFORE I actually got to the driveway.

He wandered off, I went to their father in law went searching for him but he was already gone, into the pasture across the street, safely protected by the neighbors cattle.

For now.

Today, I got another 2 miles in without the critter issue. I did smell the faint aroma of a skunk, and we did almost hit one coming home last night, but I did not see one in living color.

Considering my critter issues of momma cows, crazed deer and now skunks....Im thankful for any run that does not warrant a blog that includes critters.

Yesterday 2.04 miles in 20:29
Today 2.0 miles in 19:53.

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