Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Got it done!

Sometimes, thats all I can ask git 'er done.

After being gone last weekend, partaking in sledding, gambling and adult beverages (free ones, while I gambled....hence, the 3lbs weight gain!!), I finally made it back onto the dreadmill today. I had to do something!! Not only were the numbers on the scale really bothering me but I felt lazy. I needed to get out and run. However the temperature on our weather station said -19F actual temp and -30F windchill. Yes, I have a limit to running outside and had to suck it up, call a truce in my hatred for the treadmill and git 'er done.

I did W1 and got in 2 miles in 24:30. I made sure my running speed never fell below 6.0, and that was the pace of my first run. The rest all were between 6.3-6.6. Definately pushed it harder then usual and, I felt it. I entertained the idea of collapsing on the treadmill and letting it slide me to the ground, but I figured that would set a bad example for my 15 month old, and I dragged my aching body to the living room.

After a nice shower, tons of water and sitting down for a little bit, I feel great and am so happy to have been back up and running.

Side notes: Where I went sledding this weekend is also the location of one of the 5K's I am thinking about running this summer. Im very excited....the trail was covered with snow but it looks like a great place to run. I think I will go sign up right now!!

Im thinking of getting a running club going in we can at least get together once a week or so and kick each other's butts!

Getting a great team together for the FIRST EVER Central Nebraska Race for the Cure in Kearney on October 1. Details to follow soon!!!

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  1. That is a fabulous idea about starting a race club! Good luck!