Thursday, February 10, 2011


Got a new PR today!! 5K in 33:27!!! Very exciting since I had set my goal for the Deadwood 5K at under 34m. Guess I need to re-evaluate that. Ran my first mile in 10:28. Now I need to work on keeping mile 2 around there (10:50) then focus on mile 3.....but thats down the road aways.

I get alot of thinking done when I am running which is great! Typically, my horses and riding have always been when I get my thoughts organized and clear my head. Best form of therapy as far as I am concerned!!!! Now Im happy to report that I am getting the same results while running. Its nice to know that on the days (like today) when the idea of chasing down my horses, chasing them again to get haltered, saddled, dressed for riding and out on a ride (typically a 30-45 minute venture) is just not appealing, or I dont have that much time, I can lace up my shoes and hit the road. I can have a full run done before I could have my horses saddled and ready to go. Knowing that I can find "me" time and clear my head, figure some stuff out regardless of if I can get on my horse of not is a great feeling.

That being said, running will NEVER take the place of my horses...never, never, never!!

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  1. Congrats on a great PR! I bet you could do a 30 min 5k!