Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New goal, new time

had a really good run today after 2 days off. I did 2miles in 19:57. Do you know what that means?? No, I will tell means that BOTH my miles were less then 10 minute miles. I bet you could have figured that out for yourself by looking at the time but what you couldnt see is that my second mile was 7 seconds FASTER then my first! That is the first time that has ever happened for me. As well as being the first time I have ever run less the 20 minutes for 2 miles.

That leads me to my goal revision...again. Now, my goal is less then 30 minutes in Deadwood. June 4. I think I am on my long as I keep focusing on keeping each mile less then 10 minutes, I should be ok. WILL be ok. I have hit each of my last goals, I will get to this one also.

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