Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running and Mommy Stuff

I didnt get out and run today so its a good thing I got a GREAT run in yesterday! I set a new PR, 31:05 for 5K!! Oh yea, super proud of that one. I participated in a virtual 5K yesterday and I have found that one of my issues with running is when I turn around and head back home. I lose my pace and seem to struggle to get it back. So because I was running for an "official" time, I choose not to turn around but just head one direction and have hubby come pick me up. A whole 3.1 miles down the road...he can handle that. I got my first mile in 9:58!!! C-R-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S!!!! My second was 10:04 and third was 10:14. I must have made a good decision cause its usually my second and third that are waaaay slower then that...Im talking in the 11m realm of things.

So Im very happy with that run and even more so because of the 25-35mph winds that Mother Nature has blessed the Sandhills with yet again.

On the mommy side of things....Baby B has slept 10+ hours a night for the last 4 nights!!! Im not ready to announce that he is reformed from his 3-4 hour social calling but Im excited enough to put it out there....he DOES know how to sleep longer then 3 hours!!

S D Danger is, well, he is a wonderfully naughty as a 15 month old can be. He climbs everything, he throws his food, he sits on his brothers head and he gives hugs and kisses on demand. Everything you would expect for a 15 month old boy.

Stinkerbell and I spent much quality time together today getting ready for her Valentines Day party at school. This meant we had to construct a Valentine box and the valentines (because the ones I got last weekend that were supposed to have the valentines and candy with them were just candy.)

This valentines day box thing is kinda a big deal. They tend to get very elaborate...horseshoes, guitars, ect. This year, we have a heart. Not only do we have a heart, but it stands up and is covered in duct tape. Yep, you read that right, duct tape.

Did you know that duct tape came in colors?? Me either but it does...see.....

We have a heart made out of red and zebra strips. It took me, opps, I mean us a total of 3 days (with some help from Grandma also) to get this thing ready to go but we get it done.

We also found some really cute Valentines to print off so that I didnt have to drive 45 miles to spend $3.50. We dragged out some very neglected scrapbooking supplies and VOILA....we have Valentines, a Valentine box, 3 paper cuts, one slice from scissors, one minor stabbing from the same pair of scissors and one very happy 8 year old.

Who at this moment is probably coming down with the flu and will most likely end up missing her party. Of course she is but oh well....she is happy and we spent some very long over-due "mommy and Pippi" time.

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  1. Congrats on the 5K time! You are doing awesome!

    Great job on the valentines box. You have alot more talent than I.

    Your babies are adorable!

    Happy Valentines Day!