Friday, February 18, 2011

Lesson Learned

Dont spit into the wind. No need to elaborate on that one.

I ran my longest distance today...3.5miles in 36:48. Very exciting since I didnt plan on uping my miles quite that much until next week. Initially my "plan" was that I was going to bump up the miles by .2 this week (to 3.3) and another .2 next week and VOILA....3.5 miles before the end of February.

Another reason why I shouldnt make plans....I never stick to them!

The runners out there know what happens when you get to the zone.....the "runners zone" and you just feel like you can keep going forever. Well maybe not forever but today it got me to 3.5 miles.

Accomplishing goals ahead of schedule is a great way to start the weekend(and the 683 calories I burned along the way certainly dont hurt!)

Happy Friday!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love the "workout" high. It gets me in trouble on the bike sometimes though. I am cruising along feeling strong and thinkin' I can go on forever. Then I turn around and remember I have to go back home and it is always up hill to get home. I usually bonk about one mile from the house!

    Have a great weekend and congrats on the new mileage!