Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Im a couple days behind in my blogging. Im going to blame that on the "mommy" and "wifey" parts of my official title. Really, not so much their fault but since 2 of them dont read my blog and the other 2 cant read my blog and well, its my blog, so I can place the blame wherever I want!!

My follow up run to the one where I wanted to lay down in the road and be driven back home turn out to be a great one! I had some company. Stinkerbell wanted to go for a bike ride with me, which I usually try to avoid because she likes to talk and ask 400 million questions along the way. I like to listen to my music and zone out. Once herself was aware of the "rules" (meaning dont talk to me, just ride your bike and have fun) we were off. The rest of my company had 4 legs and scared up the 20 deer that ran across the road in front of us....which prompted Stinkerbell to break the rule and come inform me of this little situation.

Im not exactly sure how or why she thought I didnt SEE the 20 deer run across the road 150 feet away from me but least she wasnt asking me something random about the television show she watched before we left.

Anyway, we ran/biked down to my mother in law's house and she gave us a lift back home. 2.36 miles in 24:49. She was headed our way anyway to help finish up some work on our kitchen....will post photos as soon as its done!!

That was Saturday, took Sunday off from running but went back at it on Monday with a quick 2 miles in 21:30. I was playing mommy Monday afternoon right after school and driving munchkins to dance class. I knew I didnt have time for a full 5K, showering and being presentable for after school.

I wanted to get the 5K in today but Mother Nature had different ideas and we are back to a high of 10 and -20 windchill. Hence, the 2 miles I put in on the dreadmill. Again, doing W1 and pushing the 60 seconds of running as fast as I can. So far, I have pushed my speed to 6.5 and 3.8 for the walks. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Im going to move on to W2 I think, and focus still on that pace and keeping it there for 90 seconds. I am able to see where the increase of speed is working during my long runs. I used to burn out and not be able to hold a pace of 5.2 while running and now, I can keep it between 5.4-5.6 fairly easily. This is all good because I signed up for my FIRST offical race yesterday!!!!

I will be running in Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon on June 4, 2011. Obviously, Im not running the marathon, just the 5K but I did make the mistake of looking at the race results from last year and oh my....I DO NOT RUN A 5K in 20 minutes!!!! Im not sure how its humanly possible to do that period but according to the results, it is. And there were only 4 people in my age catagory last year and all of them ran in less then 30 minutes. Which means that they will already be in their cars on the way to the casinos while I am cross the finish line.

Now, I know I shouldnt compare myself with them but is a RACE. I just have to remind myself that I am racing MYSELF. And the clock. Im going to work really hard between now and then and bust my a$$ through that race but Im not expecting miracles. However jet packs randomly appearing in the soles of my Asics would be ok...just sayin'......Im simply going to do my very best and have a starting point for the rest of my races.

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  1. Yay, for signing up for your first race. That is awesome!