Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Card Exchange

Im taking part in (Just) Trying is for Little Girls Holiday card exchange this year for the first time!  Im excited, which is strange because really, I dont like doing Christmas cards.  I can never find the right card so I resort to trying to make a card, which is usually a disaster (despite having enough money invested into scrapbooking supplies that could probably feed a starving country), so then I try the "Good Mom" approach and take a nice picture of my child.....but they are 1,2 and 9.  Therefore, I dont usually do Christmas cards.

So why Im excited to get the 5 out that I have for the Team Santa Claus in the exchange, Im not certain, but I am.  Maybe its because they dont expect long, drawn out letters about what our year has been like (not that I dont love getting those, but I really dislike writing them.  Wanna know what I have been up to, review my Facebook statuses....thereyago!).  Maybe its getting the names and blog sites for other running moms, who I can lean on and learn from while riding the crazy train that is my life.  Regardless....Im loving the mail and meeting new people!!   

Mine were mailed today!  So Whitney, Jennifer, Bobbie, Karien, and Kittee watch out, because they are on their way.  Nothing super special, I had great plans....but, well, your all moms, you know how that goes!

Happy Holidays!!!!


  1. Aw, I love your perspective. And you got to send a card to South Africa, how cool is that?

  2. I hate writing long letters too! My mom is always annoyed that I refuse! My cards are simple- a picture of my girls (which has gotten easier now that they are older) and a Christmas quote that I enjoy picking out each year. I love getting cards so I send them. Merry Christmas! Happy to find a new running mama.

  3. Keeping a close eye on the mailbox! Can't wait!

  4. SO excited!! I've gotten two cards. Look for them everyday!! We may be "imaginary" friends but we're friends none the less. Makes me feel good getting to know mom's like me!