Friday, December 9, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Can you guess what that means?  I'm sure you can.....yes, it has finally happened.  I have taken the leap to twitter land. 

Yes, I have finally caved to peer pressure (morbid curiosity) and now have a twitter account.
My husband is considering disowning me.  He isn't really considering it.....he does love me but he is fairly embarrassed by the whole thing.  I find that amusing and something I should probably tweet about, right?
Anyway, I'm lost....I'm easily confused anyway so this whole twitter thing is really confusing to me but I figure there are alot of people out there who tweet and they have alot less brain cells then I least, it would seem so after reading what they post, er, uh...tweet.
Took me awhile to find Jamie, but I did.  Well, she found me....after some emails back and forth that went something like:

Jamie: I cant find you, search for me.
Me:I cant find you either, did you search with the email addy
Jamie: Why cant I find you!!! 
Me: I'm not smart enough to tweet.

Rest assured, we are linked and tweeting away (to each other...follow Jamie too).
I also had serious issues uploading a picture, but I blame that more on my computer then myself.  I did, however, enter my first blog contest via twitter this morning...and that only took me 2 tires before I figured out hashtags and that other stuff.  I haven't really figured it out yet but copy and past is a beautiful thing ;-) I also am having serious issues (aka getting wicked you-know-what) at trying to get the link to post on my blog page.  But I did figure out how to add the link in text to follow me....just a subtle hint, of course.
So please, follow me on twitter (if you tweet) because you never know what shenanigans I may or may not put out there.  For instance.....I bought an at home eyebrow waxing kit today and I felt the need to share that in twitter land.  Might not have happened if I had more then 1 follower but its there....cant take it back now.

Happy Tweeting!!!

P.S. I did get a run in today.....roads were a bit slick, but I didnt land on my keister and neither did Katie (who because of an unfortunate-yet-could-have-been-much-worse incident with a wood splitter had to run with a sock on her hand).  4 miles...felt great!!!


  1. I'm so lost too. If we can get very lost and find our way home using unreliable GPS...surely we can figure out Twitter!

  2. Lol, I've been on Twitter for a few weeks now and am also still trying to figure everything out... Let me know when you and Jamie have any major breaktrhoughs I should know about! [You have two followers now :) ].