Friday, December 2, 2011

I almost died.

Really, just a few minutes ago....32 years flashed before my eyes in a, well, flash. 

And I blame blogging. 

It all started because I have the Jingle Bell 5K tomorrow.  The one I am sporting my fantastic, amazing, crazy puffy because of 100 YARDS (yes YARDS) of tule handmade tutu.  Well, I have always wanted to do one to those posts where you show off your running "attire" before the race....sooooo I attempted a picture.

With the help of my 2 year old (and if you have any experience with a 2 year old you know that they are not nearly as helpful as they think they are) I got everything all laid out on my bed, a soft, comfy wake up with a backache every morning bed, grabbed the camera and realized, I needed to stand on the corner of the bed to be high enough to do the whole outfit justice.  So me, in all my brilliance, jumped up on the bed, which apparently meant that my 2 year old should start jumping on the bed also and he lands right on my tutu. 

I only panicked slightly, which he thought was so funny, he did it again.  Once I corraled the short person (aka banished him) I climbed on the bed, again, balanced right on the very edge of the very soft, plushy, pillow top corner for about .26 seconds before my lack of coordination, mixed with gravity tossed me right on to the barbed wire stitching on the rear pockets of my favorite pair of jeans. 

Thankfully, my cat-like skills (that apparently failed in landing me on my feet) did manage to keep me from hitting my head or, more imporantly, dropping my camera. 

Safe to say, you will have to wait till tomorrow to see the whole outfit, when I have it safely on my body (and Im standing on solid ground). 

But just for is a teaser....

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