Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am not good at resolutions. I'm really not. I am good at making them and have all the best intentions of keeping them, but in all reality that is the part where I really suck.

But me being me (and learning my lessons the hard way) I keep on making them. This year, I am hoping that you people hold me I can hold myself more accountable.

At least once a month spend a one-on-one day with my kiddos. During our recent trips to the doctors office, I realized that I don't get spend the one-on-one time with the kiddos that they deserve. How sad is kids need to be sick to get mom and dad to themselves? Its hard. I'm outnumbered, we all have stuff going on...but those are excuses. The things that matter in life the most are not easy so I have to make it THEM a priority and one-on-one time with mom is something that they deserve.

Run at least 1 half marathon, possibly 2. Since I'm already signed up for Lincoln in May, barring some crazy injury, I should be good to go!

Run 1000 miles - O.M.F.Goodness. But it's out there now, so I gotta work towards it. Can 1/2 marathon moms fulfill those requirements or just marathon training moms? Yikes!!

Cross-training. Strength, yoga, biking. All the things that will help make me physically strong enough to finish the half (and make it through the day with the kids).

Keep running because I love it, not just because of my goals. Whats the point if you don't love what you do.

Pass my EMT class and National Certification. Prayers accepted and greatly appreciated now.

Build all the buckles for the Silversmith shop myself. Bud, my father-in-law who desperately wants to retire, will be so happy!

Focus on engraving. Karen, my mother-in-law, wants to retire also....but she is really good excellent A-mazing at engraving and I'm beyond a bit intimidated by it, not gonna lie.

Compete in the Womens 3 Event at the Arthur County Rodeo.....A women only event with barrel racing, pole bending and a reining pattern. My husbands horse can do it, I wonder if I can???

Run my horse in the Sandhills Summer Barrel series in Hyannis....cause I can't think of anything better to do on a Tuesday night in the summer then ride with friends and drink beer.

Learn to rope. Just looks like fun!!

There ya 2012 goals!!! Alot more then I had planned on but several of them are things I am already working and towards, so accomplishing them shouldn't be to much trouble.

Focus. Dedication. Commitment. Faith. Hope. Strength.

In the infamous words of Fasty McNasty aka Sage.......Ready....Set.....GO!!!!


  1. LOVE it!! Especially the Tuesday nights. They really are fun!!

  2. Great set of goals/resolutions!! I've been working on mine too.....It's a work in progress.

  3. I love your goals! You have some very cool and interesting ones and I can't wait to see how your year progresses! And just so you know I am here to help you should you need it!

  4. Awesome goals!
    I have been to the rodeo in Arthur!! Do you know Audra and Matt Allen?

    I hope you achieve that and more!

  5. YES, I do know Matt and Audra! I gave Audra tubs and tubs of clothes for her little girl. Thats one outside of the Sandhills knows where Arthur is let alone been here and to the rodeo...I love it!!