Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Its a little chilly these days.......

Its been cold the last few days....which means I have been running in the cold.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday.......Actually, I have timed it well and been able to be out in the 25-30 degrees which isnt terrible (unless you live in a Southern state, and you probably think Im insane).  Heck, my husband thinks I have a few screws loose but that doesnt stop him from "informing" me when I need to take a couple extra laps around the pasture ;-)

The Jingle Bell Run 5K was last weekend and it was FANTASTIC! The weather was cold (read 25 degrees) snowy and windy but without any major (or minor) injuries and no one landed on their tutus, I call it a successs.  Im waiting for the official results to be posted before I do my "official" recap.  See, I forgot my Garmin (I know, I know...BAD RUNNER) ANND the big clock that they usually use at the finish line was also long story short, I didnt want to wade through 600 people to bother the poor time keeper with looking up my results.  I also didnt want to wait for 600 plus people, to finish in the snowy and icy conditions.  So I wait....but Im thinking, it could be good :-)

Im out to go help work some cows now....which is good cause my kids are making me bonkers.  Its an off day for me, so Im looking fowarding to get outside in the (wait while I check) 21 degree weather.

Happy Running!!!!


  1. Congrats on your 5k! Hey I am doing a pay-it-forward like thing and I was hoping you could email me your address. I have something I would like to send to you. You can email me at christikeiseryahoocom.

  2. I am on your card exchange list, Love the blog! Can't wait to keep reading it :)