Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its a beautiful day

for a rest day ;-) 

I was completely unaware that we were supposed to get this junk today.  And by junk I mean that inbetween not-quite-snow-not-really-rain-misting-cold-so-the-roads-look-ok-but-then-you-spin-out-on-the-highway-and-know-they-are-not-ok type of junk.

So Im happy today is a rest day.  Hubby had a pickup that broke down this weekend so he is in need of some free labor assistance from me to get chores done.  Mainly caking/feeding. 

Cake is a little chunk of mineral supplement that we drop to the cows a couple times a week.  To bad for my husband that he needs the help because when you get me, you get the 2 boys as well.

Bran - he is in there, I promise.
Sage's job...he honks so the cows know its time to eat!
Anyway, we drive around the pick up, daddy stands in the back and scoops out the cake by the shovel full to the awaiting critters.
Usually this can be done with very little marital discussion, but occasionally, I hit a hole or hard as rock "cow-pie" and Shawn's life flashes before his eyes.  Occasionally, I may do it on purpose but never hard enough to knock him out....just throw off his balance a bit....dont be mouthy when momma is driving.

This moring, with the arrival of the "junk", it was really pretty so I took my camera along as well.  Enjoy a sampling of the photos of where

I live.....lots of cows, not alot of trees and miles and miles of hills. 

Enjoy this little photo-journey of my day today....the life and the critters that keep me going.

5-45 is a big of a pet as a cow can get....without being a milk cow!

Because of that, she is a giant pest as well!


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