Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I love snow.  I love cold.  I LOVE WINTER!!

I thoroughly enjoy the burn of cold air hitting my lung and the sting on my face.  Don't ask me why, I'm from Michigan.....its how I grew up.

Last year I went on my first snowmobiling trip with Shawn, Jamie and her husband Shane.  ADDICTED.  That's all I could say I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!! 

We just came back from our first trip of this year, to Snowy Range Mountains in Wyoming. 

Beautiful Scenery

Yes, that's the parking lot.

Top of the Glacier.
First day started slow.....because of a couple breakdowns, and Jamie and I being on new sleds that made our rides from last year seem like toys for our kids.  It took sometime to get used to them, but we did!!
Climbing the Glacier
We climbed a Glacier, turned circles, got buried, ended up on our sides, pushed  ourselves sleds past our fears and to 50 mph (me) and 60mph (Rockstar Jamie).
A couple of near disasters not involving us and a near disasters that did involve us me.
No photos of my disasters but I can tell you that I ran over Chris' leg and almost crashed into a tree Shawn's sled which Iwas riding after flipping mine over.  In the same spot.  The leg and crashing/tree issue were not at the sametime.  Chris stayed out of the way after the leg man.

Sunday, my confidence was MUCH higher then Saturday and I wish we could have had more time but the whole parental duty mommy guilt was calling.  I was actually starting to get it and wasn't afraid that Shawn would sell my sled because I was not worthy of riding it anymore (which I was pretty sure he was thinking when we first got started). 
Jamie and I
We have another trip planned for February to one of my FAVORITE places....Deadwood South Dakota!   The Black Hills are calling and hopefully they have snow.

Lots of thanks to EVERYONE who helped us out this weekend.....Mat and Lindsey (who doesn't ride like she just started last year AT ALL), Mike and Tina, Shane and Jamie (she may have as many rides under her belt as I do but she is a rockstar and watching her helped me push myself), Chris (who I probably owe alot as he did keep helping me out even after I ran him over....just after I was off the sled), and of course, Shawn, who didnt revoke my sled privileges was very patient with me most of the time and the fact that I was crazy intimidated by the skill of the people we were riding with.

 Break time (aka, digging someone out).
Shawn attempting doing snow-doughs

Once again, Great times with Great friends!!  Happy Sledding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. While visiting the beautiful Black Hills, check out Rapid City's brand new Main Street Square. Check out our fun Downtown scene for a little nightly entertainment or go Ice Skating.