Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mode + Reset

Just came as close to have a full on panic attack as I would ever like to be.  Might be a little dramatic, I agree, but all the obsessed dedicated Garmin Forerunner users will sympathize understand exactly what I am talking about.

First of all, my running plan got a little screwed up when Pippa's basketball practice was cancelled because the gym was set up for a funeral dinner tomorrow.  Didn't know that till I got the phone call so my plan to run in town while she was practicing was foiled did I really just say "my plan was foiled" oh goodness, its time for wine.   Went home and had all the intentions of getting a run in before it got to dark. 

Changed my clothes, found my iPod, grabbed my Garmin and turned it on....and nothing happened.  No beep.  No locating satellite.  NOTHING. 

Blank screen. 


I tried plugging it in at another outlet.  Nothing.  Tired plugging it in to the computer.  Nothing.  Tracked down the box with the directions in the rements of a tropical storm my bedroom.  No help there. 

My heart rate started to increase when I went with the tried and true solution finder.....Google.

Much to my dismay it seems that this is a common problem with the Garmin's.  Occasionally, they get overload and just stop.  At least I knew I wasn't alone and the racking of my brain trying to remember if I had dropped it or spilled something on it was for nothing....I knew I wouldn't let anything like that happen to my Garmin.  My cell phone, yes...but not my watch.

After much searching for 2.5 minutes I found a reoccurring theme.....push "reset" and "mode" at the same time, hold for 10 seconds and try to turn it on again.

So I held my breathe not really, but it adds to the dramatic effect, right....AND I HEARD THE BEEP!  So happy, I could have done a happy dance.  I may have done a happy dance.  Oh hell, I totally did a happy dance!

The Garmin is now charging quietly on the counter.  Totally missed my run time because I am a big, fat baby and scared to run in the dark by myself  but for the sake of my Garmin, I'm OK with that not really but I have the dtreadmill I can still go spend some time with the idea of drinking wine sounds much MUCH more appealing.

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  1. I am so glad you posted this, because now I know what to do when my Garmin takes a crap. Glad you got it working.