Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pinterest Recipe......Round 1

To say there will be a round 2 to MAY be a bit premature.  Judging from the not-so-splendid aroma coming from my oven...I may call it quits with Round 1.

Obviously you can tell I caved to the pinterest-pressure.  Love BTW!  Almost immediately I found some amazing looking goodies, one of which included these.

Rest assured, mine will look NOTHING like this.

Of course, I called my mother in law and said "HEY, we have work to do on buckles tonight....ill bring my new recipe!!"  That may have been what pissed off the cooking gods.

First clue things were not going to go well....when I couldn't find the wonton wrappers at the grocery store in town.  Not in our little town, I knew they wouldn't have anything that exotic, but at the slightly bigger store in the next town over.  The very nice stocker guy did help me find something that we thought could work.....pre-made pastry cuppy-thingy!  From the picture on the box clue #2 they looked perfect.  I even checked to make sure they could be baked (props from the cooking's can pat my back now.  Really, that's about as successful as this adventure gets.)

Fast forward, time to start baking.....get the beef all browned (that I can handle, do that alot) get out the perfect little cups......W.T.F.  They are the size of a quarter. 

A Q.U.A.R.T.E.R. 

How is the H-E-double hockey sticks am I going to make a pastry shell that doubles as a bed for Thumbalina work as the wrapper for my lasagna cupcakes??

Ill tell you how.....I'm not....but I had already started and I didn't have any regular lasagna noodles so I was screwed so I wasn't going to back down.  I crumbles the delicate little cups up (each one filled the BOTTOM of the cupcake holder, in case you were wonderidng)  And started layering.

Ran out of ricotta cheese so I added in some cottage cheese.  I'm sure I have made lasagna with cottage cheese before....sure of it.

Ran out of mozzarella.  Thankfully had some leftover in the fridge....still good (Ill take the pat on the back back, thanks)

Opened the oven to find I hadn't moved the racks....and couldn't find an over mitt.  FYI - make sure the towel you use in place of missing over mitt ISN'T thin and DOESN'T have holes.  If he does, don't grab there.)

Got the 24 lasagna cupcakes into the over, forgot to top with Parmesan cheese.  So I added it.  Ever spilled pram cheese all over the inside of your over.....not.pleasant.
I just took them out of the oven.  They do not look like the picture, but they don't look as terrible as I had imagined they would.  I cant get them out of the cupcake pan as without a wrapper, I'm afraid they will fall apart so pan and all is headed down to Karen's house for supper.

She has salad and wine....if my lasagna falls apart, it wont be a total loss!

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