Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thats what Friends are for

Everyone who knows me knows that I am fairly allergic in the metaphoric sense of the word to a few key things in life:

1) pink

2)  cheerleaders

Cheerleaders in pink really push me to consume excessive amounts of alcohol over the edge.

BUUUUT...since I started my journey into running, I find myself looking for bolder, BRIGHTER colors when it comes to shoes.  Why...I don't know....maybe because I want them to look as sassy as I feel after a run.  And lets face it...there isn't any sassy looking about me sweating, out of breath, and gimping from an aching muscles somewhere between my collarbone and ankles.  Yet my shoes will ALWAYS look good after a run. 

I've decided to back off a little from the "full" shoe but didn't want to go completely natural...I still want some extra stability. Plus, $175 for a Natural shoe....ummm, no, especially if I have to replace them at least once before the half.  $85 for a semi-natural sounds much better..and yes, that is exactly how I presented it to hubby.

After much debating, I am going to give the Asics Blur33 a whirl. 

1 - I love Asics!  They are my standard, go-to, beat the tar out of shoe.  I know they hold up to what I want to put them through so why not stick with at least the brand I know. 
2 - The minimalist runners were complaining that they were not a true minimalist shoe....YAHOO...exactly what I am looking for.  A transitional shoe...not as much as a full shoe, lighter, but still with the heel support and stability I want to keep for my aging aching back.
3 - BRIGHT COLORS...just so I don't get "advice" about picking a shoe based on color...I didn't.  I like the aspects of the shoe...the colors are an added bonus.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't make a decision on the color I wanted.....yellow/orange/white or *GASP* bright, freakin' PINK.

Yes, PINK. P.I.N.K.  Go head and sit down mom, I'll wait while you catch your breath.....

For 3 days, I I want to go with a more subtle, bright color of yellow/orange combo OR go seriously crazy and get pink/black?  I did what any decision-challenged female does when she can't make up her mind....I emailed a friend and had her pick.  I told myself that if she replied back and said PINK that was was a sign from the running/fashion Gods (aka Jamie) that wearing pink shoes is stepping out of my box and the way of 2012. 


Give me 3-5 business days and I will give you an update or exactly how RIDICULOUSLY PINK they are in person....and how much I love them.  Hating them is not an option.


  1. I LOVE them!!! Definately would have chosen the pink too. Hope they are as comfy as they are cute!

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that I recieved my holiday card today - thank you so much! I especially love the Jesse Owens quote - just what I need for the year ahead :).