Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

'This weekend was a a good way (I think). 

Friday was nothing special....oh wait, I ran 3.5 in 30:11 (an 8:37 average)...self-proclaimed ROCKSTAR status.  Hey...gotta give yourself props after a great run, right ;-)

Saturday included an all day EMT class in Og.  Not exactly the way I wanted to spend New Years Eve but since I completed enough assessments to check off MOST of my requirement list AND passed the 2 really big State Assessment tests I had to take, I'll call it a success.

Saturday night was great.  I love our little bar in town most of the time, I love our waitress all of the time who loves us enough to make our standard chick drink of choice the way it should be make and increase our blood alcohol levels in a single shot (Washington Apples.....MUST HAVE).

Please read Heather's recap of NYE....I'm not sure exactly when I held her down and force fed her the shot, but it must have been before she and Kris climbed on Jamie's truck and recreated a music video from the early 90's.  If I really was a terrible friend who would force feed someone a drink, I would also post the photo of recreation of the video....however, I am a nice person so the photo is safe on facebook for now.  And Kris looks a little scary silly in that photo and I'm kinda afraid of her ;-)  Just remember, Kramer, don't make me post that picture!! 

Good times, great drinks, good music (when they played), GREAT FRIENDS (Old and New "HI NEW FRIEND KAYCEE!!")

Pretty sure this is post shot....she doesn't really hate me.

The last half of the night is about a blurry as this photo.

Great times with Great friends!!

All was going well until my baby-sitters mom, who was at the bar also, came and told me her son (who was also hanging out at my house so he wasn't home alone) called and said my baby-sitter got sick.  So there ended our night, but I'm really OK with that.....if I had kept going, I probably wouldn't have been able to do Yoga AND run a little yesterday.  I felt great, except for sounding like a chipmunk.

Today, we are headed to the airport (much to my bowl game loving husbands dismay) to pick up Stinkerbell after her Christmas in Michigan with her dad and his family.  Tomorrow, after school, we are doing OUR family Christmas.  Maybe I should go wrap the presents.......