Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm in crisis.  Not really but in my happy world, not having appropriate listening material during my runs definitely qualifies for crisis standard.

Code Orange (a busted Garmin or blown out shoe would be a Code RED, just so you have perspective here).

I recently started listening to podcasts while running and LOVED IT!!  Another Mother Runner was my first and so far, only choice.  Listening to Dimity and Sarah gab and talk through mommy running issues helped push me down the road and on the dreadmill.  It was like having a conversation with my running buddies but  didn't have to contribute (not to say I didn't contribute to the conversation....I may or may not chime in but you cant hear me cant make fun of me). 

I downloaded ALL the podcasts from Another Mother Radio, was a faithful little stalker follower and subscribed to their iTunes page so when they upload a new episode, it automatically goes into my page and VOILA....Stupid, Simple Podcast downloading.

Then I ran.  And I listened.  And I ran again and listened again.  Then I found myself listening to the same conversations I had listened to the week before.  *GASP*.....I ran through all the podcasts.  Oh well, I will find something new. 

Not. So. Easy.

I download a few of Jillian Michael's and liked them but I didn't find myself joining in the convo like I do with Sarah and Dimity.  I thought I would go for something non-running/fitness related and see if that would switch it up for me.  I stumbled upon "Stuff You Should Know" and thought, some of those topics look interesting.  Clicked on a few, without looking at the titles, synced the iPod and went out the door.

So yesterday on my 5 mile run I learned about the "Curse of King Tuts Tomb" and "What Happens in Your Brain when your Orgasm".  In that order.  There was some reference during the King Tut episode of another podcast regarding aliens and acupuncture....not sure I'm ready for that one just yet.  Hmmmm....not that those topics weren't interesting (who knew there were so many medical studies about what happens in your brain during sex....not I.) and they did keep me thinking about something other then how far I was from the house and how far I still had to go to get back home....but not exactly what I was looking for.  I have a couple more downloaded but I will check the titles before I head out the door. 

So here is my challenge to all of you....SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!!!  Before Code ORANGE turns into a Code RED.  It's obvious that I need some help...this isn't shouldn't be difficult but look at what I managed to track down when I ventured out on my own.....King Tut and Orgasms....obviously I cannot be unsupervised. 


  1. King Tut and orgasms is quite an interesting topic selection. I wish I could help but I don't really do podcasts. Though my son does enjoy some great comedy ones. I will check and see what they are and let you know.

  2. I listen to "Manic Mommies" - they don't run, but they hilarious women and every time I listen to a podcast I feel like we're having coffee together and hanging out.

    Running wise, I recently [as in, just yesterday] started listening to "Marathon Training Academy". They had pretty good advice but I haven't listened to enough of them just yet.

    I would just Google "mom run podcast" or put in "running" "marathon" in the iPod search thingy. Good luck!!

  3. If you are a church-goer...I listen to podcasts of sermons from my old church in Grand Junction. The combination of running and a powerful sermon have been pretty euphoric a time or two! :)
    Do you think a non-mom would enjoy Ditmy and Sarah's podcasts? I am interested!!

  4. Chelsea - you would like Another Mother Runner. They talk alot about their kids and families but still the focus is on running and how to be a better, stronger runner. Alot about training, hills and speedwork. Fitting running in to life ect. I think you would like them!
    Thanks for the input....Im going to check out Maniac Mommies now!

  5. I listen to Another Mother Runner and Jillian sometimes, but usually I listen to talk radio shows on Stitcher or Sirius - I listen to Just Jenny, Howard Stern and the Kevin and Bean Show. I will have to check out Maniac Mommies.