Sunday, January 8, 2012


Serious post now...hopefully one that will help all of us, and prevent any more social networking postings like this.

From: Sammy
‎Jamie,  Heather, Tara ..... maybe we really need to seriously think about carrying that gun while we run!
Scary right?!?!?!

I know that most of you run in fairly populated areas, but for us chickies who lives in no-mans-land aka the Sandhills, we run solo 90 95 98% of the time.  We live in areas where we don't lock our doors (seriously, I JUST installed locks in my house a month ago), we tend to leave the keys in our cars, parked in the parking lot, street and driveway and often times, running.  We run down the road, headphones blaring out the sound of the little voices in our heads calling us names for not staying in bed traffic.  I personally have been running and had a neighbor in a ranch pickup (which are not typically quiet vehicles) pull up right behind me and end up honking the horn because between the wind and my music, I couldn't hear anything. 

It would be scary simple for anyone to pull up behind me, grab me and voila.  I don't run on a main road but Jamie and Heather both have the highway so I worry about them more then myself.  Even if I did drive the 17 miles to Jamie's house yesterday and not see a single car on the only takes one sociopath to ruin a perfectly good run.

How ironic that the linked article was posted the same morning that Heather, Jamie, Sammy and I were all talking about running with small firearms.  All 4 of us shoot, 2 of them run the highway.  Sammy and I are both off the highway but still run alone.  While it was a serious topic, there was some joking involved regarding fanny packs and will we get matching guns for the 1/2 marathon (to match our skirts, of course).  Only a few hours later, Sammy posted the link to the article and said "Maybe we should seriously consider carrying guns?"

Maybe we should.  I know Jamie already is, and I think that's great.  I have several one that I could run with, but it is bigger and the holster is bulky.  I would need to take the CCW (Carrying Concealed Weapon) class but really, that's not a bad idea regardless of if I carry when I run or not.

So, the question I do you protect yourself?  DO you protect yourself?  Is your protection a 120lb German Shepherd (which would be my first choice, but I have a 40lb cow dog instead)?  Do you carry a taser or semi-automatic 9mm with 20 rounds in the magazine?  I'm for both, hubby is convinced I would get pissed at the dog after he trips me and tase him but the gun is option 1. 

Do you carry identification when you run?  I don't.....I should, but my out and back for 5 miles takes me 2.5 miles to the corner of my mother in laws house and back to my driveway.  If I get hit by a car, its probably someone who knows me or at least knows who I belong to and they could get help and ID.  If nothing else, soon I will be a member of the EMT team, surely someone will know know if THEY have to respond to an accident involving me.  I'm willing to bet everyone on the team knows me now.....our town has a population of 150 people.  Everyone knows everyone else. 

Do you run with your cell phone?  Again, not me.  Damn am I a headline on CNN waiting to happen or what??? I don't time myself with my phone or use it for music.  So I don't take it with me.  There isn't a signal for a good part of the run, so I always figured why bother with it.  Now, I have it set up for 911/SOS so maybe I should take it with me, just in case the sociopath shows up behind me when my podcast is to loud and my dog has run down to play with his friends at my mother in laws house??

In all seriousness, safety should always be my top priority.  I stretch before I run so I don't pull a muscle.  I trade out my shoes before I wear them down and they don't give the support I need.  Why don't I worry about other aspects of my safety?  I'm not going to say I'm going to run with a gun every time I leave the house but I am saying I may have to invest in a small one with a few rounds for when I run on the highway and getting into training and longer distances, its gonna come to that.  I'm not going to go all heavily armed look at me crossed eyed and your a dead man and I will still stop to give someone directions, should they ask.  I wont live in fear.  But I will live in reality and protect myself if necessary. 

Its a fine line, I realize that.....but one I am taking a look at.  In the meantime, please pray for Sherry and all her friends and family as they face a very scary, trying time in their lives. 


  1. Wow, that is not something I have thought about but then I don't live in a rural area. I say do what you need to do to feel safe!