Monday, January 16, 2012

Shall I Pin??

Pintrest.  I have no idea what it is.  Really, I dont.  And for the most part, Im ok with that.  Till this last week when my curiousity has been peaked by several friends talking about "pinning" and a podcast that mentioned someone's husband and his newfound addiction to Pintrest. 

Curiosity killed the cat, ya know....and my husband might take me out if I find one.more. place on the internet to distract me from cleaning my house  occupy my time.

Just as I had convinced myself to stay away, far, far away  Heather put in her two cents AND blogged about it.  Being the supportive blogger friend that I am, I had to read her post.   

Oh SHENANIGANS!!!  I thought I could resist, but then I read that and find myself all curious-like AGAIN.

So, I took a poll (aka posted on facebook) only to find out that several of my friends think Im crazy for NOT checking it out and the other thought I already had.

So I I pin or not-pin??  Is this place going to give me all kinds of fantastic ideas that I cannot wait to start, so I will purchase ridiculous amounts of "supplies", start the project and it will sit for 3 years before Shawn looks at me and says "we could have spent that money sledding"?  Be honest....lot of you know me personally.....will pintrest cost me my sanity?

And no comments about that already being a long gone TROY!

Stay tuned this week for a full recap of the snowmobiling adventure in Wyoming!  Super fun time but Jamie has all the pictures since forgot my camera and phone so I have to wait for her to download them.


  1. I love Pinterest! I use it for lots of things, but the most practical use for me is as a recipe area. You must look!!

  2. I love Pinterest. It's a quick spot to "bookmark" things on the web. Although it can also be a huge time-suck.

  3. Since a lot of my time at work is "downtime" I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I get on a couple times a week...I have really enjoyed it.