Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have come to a conclusion.

I'm getting old.

Not just oldER but old. I am OK with oldER but

Case in while I was getting ready to for quick run around town after picking Stinkerbell up from school I did the following:

-Put a compression sleeve on my left leg (to help an aching left calf)
P.S. I run IN compression tights.
-Rubbed Theragesic on my right knee and my left shoulder
-Took compression tights off as I forgot to do the Theragesic on my knee BEFORE putting them on. Again. Memory is the first thing to go.
-Took 3 ibuprofen.
I used to do that as a pre-emptive strike against the hangover its a pre-emptive strike against aching joints.

I would have stretched alot but I did 50 minutes of yoga earlier so I felt pretty stretched out.

Ran 4 miles and I kinda want to go soak my aching back quads shoulder calves body in a warm bath. To bad my 2 year old just figured out how to open the bathroom door. Grrrr.

Really.....I'm 32. Not 82 (no offense to any 82 year old readers I may not have).

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  1. I always thought it funny that the moment I started to get healthy is the moment I started visiting the doctor more and having tons of aches and pains.