Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Perfect Timing

Its been one of those weeks.  I don't really feel bad or sad or anything like that....I'm just kinda....there. 

We are working on some spurs this week so Shawn has been out in the shop every free moment he has all the time.  Which means I'm on mommy duty  That sounds terrible, I know.  I'm well aware....I have mommy-guilt coming out of my ears because of it but really....these 2 are driving me up a wall.  Up and across a wall.  Up and down the great freakin' wall of China. 

My afternoon replacement player has been coming in and leaving again a few hours later...which sends HIS children into a tail spin, which they then drag me into.  They miss their daddy and don't handle it well when he comes and goes and comes and goes. 

Its not that I don't adore my children.  Its not that I don't love them and want to spend time with them.  I love watching them play together and learn new things.  Sage has come MILES in just the last few weeks.  He will count to 3 and show me with his fingers at the same time.  He has the color RED down and BLUE sorta down (gets it mixed with GREEN sometimes).  That may not seem like much but for my preemie who is about 6 - 9 months behind other 2 year old....that's a big deal. 

Thankfully, without even knowing, my running friends suggested some afternoon running around town.  I'm not usually an afternoon runner....I prefer morning runs but more then that, I enjoy running with humans not just canines and bovines.  I skipped my Monday morning run in favor of Jamie's invitation to run around town.  Katie joined us, we headed out for 4. 

Run was good but Jamie struggled with her breathing a bit.  She was pissed annoyed frustrated and bummed about it so she said she would give it another go today after her husband gave her his not-so-helpful advice.  I told her I would be there and meet up for our second afternoon cruise around town.

Apparently it was exactly what she needed as we kicked that run in the ass (she averages a 10:00-10:30 as a comfortable pace and we came in at 10:11....AWESOME!!).  My legs were sore since I was on my 3rd day of running in a row totally didn't care so I was very happy to not be racing anyone or anything...just a nice, easy pace around town. 

Also exactly what I needed.....a break from my kids.  While they still drive me over the edge faster then anything else I have to sit back and celebrate them.  And the fact that for some reason my friends know exactly what I need, when I need it.  Call it karma.  Call it fate.  Call it whatever the hell you want.....I needed afternoon breaks from my kids these past few days and thanks to them, I got them.  Seriously, without Jamie suggesting the afternoon running I may have spilled the wine that I had perfectly balanced in my left hand, while holding off Sage with the right hand while Bran attempted STRESS ATTEMPTED to climb up the foot rest of the reclining chair I was sitting in.  THAT would have been tragic.


  1. My 20 year old still manages to annoy me to no ends sometimes. I don't know why but he sure does it well!

    Congrats on getting the chance to run and enjoy the company of your friends.

  2. Since Shane isn't usually home until dark, in the future I'll be sneaking in many runs before heading home from school. Glad it made us both feel better!