Monday, January 30, 2012

Double Edge Sword

One of my favorite parts of running is that it gets me my "ME" time. It gets me out of the house, away from "mom mom mommy mama momomomomomomomomom" and various decibles. I dont care about my kitchen, my laundry, or anything else. All I worry about is putting on foot in front of the other and making sure my garmin going.

One of my least favorite aspects of running is that its not something I can do with my family. Well, I guess I can, but my jogging strollers wheel was destroyed by sandburrs and hasnt been fixed yet so that takes the boys out. Stinkerbell can make it .16 miles before freaking out about it being to cold. And Shawn, well, he could do it but is his words "doesnt want to".

My example: Warrior Dash is coming to Nebraska!!! Im soooo freakin excited. I have wanted to do a Warrior Dash since I first heard about them a few years ago but the closest one was in either Southern Colorado or Kansas City. Now, this year, we are getting ein an obscure town I have never heard about waaaay off in the Eastern part of the state might well be Iowa. Its June will have slowed down a bit by then.....calving will be done, brandings done, haying shouldnt have started yet so he doenst have the "work" excuse to not run.

Warrior dash is 3.3 mile mud run with obstacle courses....mud pits, rope courses, fire pits yes fire pits....and its only 3.3 miles.  I know to someone who isnt a runner, 3.3 miles sounds like a marathon but really....when you toss in 10 obstacle courses, I'm willing to bet 3.3 goes by pretty darn fast. Plus, FREE BEER at the finish line. What about that doesnt sound awesome?? Gotta love races with beer sponsors!!!

According to my husband....none of it.  I even tried the "your just scared your wife will school you" and that didnt get a flicker of interest.  So even though we hunt together and snowmobile together.  Really...he can totally do it. He can scamper through the hills after critters, he can run a Warrior Dash.  Apparently running together isnt going to happen. Not gonna lie...that bums me out. Since he doesnt run with me, he is the obvious poor fool choice to stay with the kids. For most, that means babysitting p.s. not babysitting when its your own kids but to me it means no one at the finish line. No one to celebrate my accomplishment with. No one to empathize over pain and bad runs with.

Ok, that last part isnt entirely true....I have an AMAZING group of running friends friends who run and they get it. I can comiserate with them about injuries, pace, distance and whatever all I want, but Im still kinda jealous of the people who can train with their husbands and wives. It would be so good for Shawn, who has a family history of heart problems, to get into better shape. But I cant seem to drag him out of the house. He was hitting the dreadmill several mornings a week but that seems to have stopped also. We have a month before calving starts so thats his excuse now....why get started when in a month, he wont have the time to give to running.

Im not totally giving in yet.....I may sign him up, throw him in the car and pretend we are going to the Casino in Iowa, with a stop along the way to run the Warrior Dash.  He might want try kill me....but whatever motivates him to run after with me in the race is great......he has to catch me first ;-)


  1. I have the same exact issue...although my husband did walk a 5k this weekend!! I am jealous of those people who train together too....but...there is something to be said about the alone time. :)

  2. My husband will not run or bike with me either. He has on occasion but now he is pretty darn stubborn about it. However, I do get him to hike with me and the puppy so I will be happy with that for now!

    P.S. I want to do a mud run also!

  3. I know how you feel, except my poor hubs has a valid excuse (besides not wanting to, which isn't valid to me) he needs knee replacement so he can't run. But, it would be great to have him there running with me! Hopefully you can talk your husband into it!

  4. I'm from Nebraska (currently in WA) and really want to do this! The timing is a bit off for us so maybe in '13!