Sunday, January 22, 2012

Run with the WInd

It's official. 

I have lost my mind.

35mph winds with gusts to 50+ but my long run was scheduled for today, so I had to get it done.  So I consulted, determined which direction the wind was coming from and had Shawn drive me 5 miles in that direction.  If I was going to run outside and deal with Mother Nature's attitude problem I was at least going to use what I could of it to my advantage.

Shawn did point out that I was crazy out of my mind loco nuts and, as if I didn't already know this, felt it necessary to inform me that "even the stupid cows were standing on the downside of a hill....out of the wind."  Thank you, honey, for informing me I was stupider then a cow.
It was a great run!! 

Couple big hills to climb, that I really need to run more often to get my hill work in.  Some cross winds that I was able to keep a good pace through (thanks to curvy roads, that didn't last long) and a Manic Mommies podcast about setting goals and achieving them, I didn't even really think much about the wind.

I did start to think about my aching right knee.  Time to start some icing.  I'm really hoping its just getting used to the new shoes and that I wont have to switch out of them because they don't have enough support.  It does make me really happy I didn't drop $180 on the Newtons I really thought I wanted.


  1. You are crazy! Although, while I was at work yesterday with gusty winds I thought about how much fun it would be to run in it, so I might be crazy too! Glad the run went well. Sorry about the knee pain, I've been having a bit too, although in my left knee, annoying and strange. Hope you iced it and it's feeling better.

  2. Congrats on your windy run! I love being told how crazy I am as I am walking out my door to go run or bike. Makes me feel alive!